– Information for a person waiting for a place in the Nursing Home

Nursing Home Chemik provides day care to the elderly. To live in the facility include:

  1. Submit a written proposal for completion of documents necessary for a decision directing the DPS in the Centre for Social Welfare. The proposal must justify the reason for your request, ie . to describe the health, personal, family and material situation.
  1. Proceedings leading by social worker OPS, who schedule an appointment with the person concerned to carry out the inquiry at the place of residence and complete necessary for inclusion in DPS documents. To do so, there will be needed:
  • ID card,
  • the current decision of the Authority Pension concerning the amount of benefit,
  • the decision to award a group of disability or degree of disability
  • current medical records
  • medical certificates extract from the hospital
  • documents concerning. state property.
  1. In the case of evidence to be placed in the DPS, Social Welfare Centre forwards the completed documentation to:

Warszawskiego Centrum Pomocy Rodzinie,
Lipińska 2,
01-833 Warszawa,
tel. 22 646-18-11, 646-52-54, 646-53-15/13,

  1. After receiving the complete set of documents from the Warsaw Centre, social worker of Social Welfare Home contacts with the person concerned dating to the place of his/her residence to update the situation as health human living. The date of the residence of a person concerned is notified in writing. The waiting time depends on the release of the facility.
  1. Tuition for the stay in the DPS determines the Social Welfare Act of 12 March 2004. The fee for staying in the DPS in the first instance bears the resident – not more than 70 % of his/her income. Then the children and grandchildren, if the financial situation above mentioning people allow it.

    If the documented monthly expenses of persons required to prevent feeding contribute towards the cost of your stay capita in the DPS, in whole or in part, the difference between the citizen against payment, and the cost of maintaining the facility shall be bear by the municipality Warsaw.

    The maintenance proceedings conducted every 12 months, can update the situation of persons required and determine whether above mentioning persons have the opportunity to further contribute to the cost of residence of a person in a social welfare home.

    Moreover, according to Article 2 Section, 1 and Article 12 of the Law on Social Welfare dated. March 12, 2004, individuals and families benefiting from social assistance are obliged to use its own resources, property, especially if they have substantial financial resources, valuable items of property or real estate.

    Nursing Home covers flat fee and part of the fee to the price limit for drugs and aids provided for in the regulations on health care services financed from public funds. A resident bears remuneration in full for drugs and 100 % in excess of the specified limit.

    On arrival at the facility as indicated by the Director of DPS in the invitation, the person concerned should have within:

    – ID card and information on the mother’s maiden name and the name of the spouse.
    – The decision of the degree of disability, if it was issued or extract in the by the Social Security Board’s doctor (form Social.Insurance.Institution.[ZUS])
    – Medical documentation.
    – Written information on the dosage of drugs (drugs, prescriptions).
    – The decision Authority Pension (ZUS, KRUS, ZER, MIA, WBE) or the last episode of pension/retirement or a decision to grant a permanent benefit from OPS.
    – Addresses and phone numbers for immediate family or friends.

    In addition, personal items necessary for daily functioning:
    – Health stores: sponge, shower gel, shampoo, deodorant, tissues, cream or olive moisturizing body, brush, toothpaste, shaving kit.
    – A wicker basket in it: a mug/cup, plate, cutlery.
    – Clothes, underwear, T-shirts (preferably from natural materials, ie . Cotton), shoes, slippers, pyjamas, bathrobe. Nursing Home provides bed linen, towels.
    – Items having emotional worth ( ie . small paintings, lamp, pictures, books ).

    At the time of residence in the DPS, the newcomer is living in a double room, until start to live in a single room.
  1. Detailed information on the procedures for acceptance and payment rules give social workers:
  • Anna Englender
  • Agnieszka Nadolna
  • Magdalena Kuran

tel. 022 823-50-12, 823-58-37 inner.17

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